Our team at Shoup Evers and Green is here to help victims of nursing home neglect and their families. This particular type of case can be difficult to detect, especially when the warning signs are subtle. If you detect changes and you’re concerned about a loved one who might not be receiving adequate care at a nursing home facility, our experienced medical malpractice lawyers will evaluate the case and the warning signs that are cause for concern. Typical warning signs include:

  • Dehydration or malnutrition
  • Sudden weight loss, bedsores or other injuries
  • Sudden change in appearance and personality
  • An unsafe environment with safety hazards detected

Nursing home neglect cases can fall within any of the following categories, all of which are cause for further investigation by our Shoup, Evers and Green medical malpractice team:

  • Medical Neglect
  • Personal Hygiene Neglect
  • Emotional Neglect
  • Neglect of Basic Needs
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