Premises Liability

We have represented many people who have been injured because of unsafe or improperly maintained property. As personal injury lawyers in Vermont, some cases for us involve temporary conditions like an unsafe accumulation of snow or ice, or the careless failure to keep floors clean. Other premises liability cases involve poor building designs or a lack of necessary maintenance, or even the failure to warn visitors of a known danger.

We accept these personal injury cases only when we think we can prove that our client was injured because the person responsible for the property was at fault. Please contact us if you would like to hear our opinion on your case.

Wrongful Death

We take very seriously the solemn duty of representing surviving family members who are seeking counsel in the wake of the loss of a spouse, child, or parent. As with other cases involving life-altering injuries, we know that professional competence is just the beginning of our job. We devote a team of experienced professionals to these sensitive wrongful death cases.

We understand that your first call to us is not easy. We are here to listen and provide you with the information you need.

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Unfortunately, most people will face an automobile crash at some time in their lives. After an accident, your insurance company may urge you to make decisions quickly and without a lawyer, often while your attention is focused on your bills and your health.

When we accept your case, our goal is to obtain a larger award than you would receive if you dealt with the insurance company on your own or through a less experienced law firm. Just as importantly, our veteran staff and attorneys work to minimize your stress and paperwork during this process.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle collision, call us for a free consultation. You may end up not needing a personal injury lawyer, but at the very least, we will be sure you have the information you’ll need to make the best decisions possible for your situation.


Personal Injury verdicts and settlements include:

  • Settlement involving a passenger in a vehicle who was struck by a drunk driver.
  • Verdict of $22.5 million in a case involving a gentleman who was electrocuted at his workplace. This case was co-counseled with lead attorney, Benjamin Gideon (formerly of Berman & Simmons, and a current partner at Gideon Asen, LLC).