Learn More About How Shoup, Evers & Green Mediators can Help with Small Business Disputes and Other Conflicts

What is mediation?

Mediation is a facilitated discussion that takes place in safety and confidentiality. A safe environment allows all parties the opportunity to speak freely without worry about personal attack or criticism. The confidentiality of mediation assures that what is said in mediation stays in the room. The mediator ensures safety and confidentiality by providing ground rules that all parties agree to abide by prior to a mediation. John Schraven acts as a mediator in a variety of settings including small business disputes, civil litigation, divorce, probate and employment disputes.

John Schraven is a facilitative mediator able to also provide evaluative mediation in personal injury matters. Although mediation is primarily used once a dispute has become intractable, it is just as successful as conflict prevention.

What makes a good mediator?

Mediators are neutrals.  A good mediator is an active listener which means that when one party is speaking, the mediator actively seeks to understand the message the speaker’s words convey.

Mediators take confidentiality very seriously.

The goal in meditation is determined by those involved in the conflict. A mediation is considered successful when the parties have met their goals, which may mean an agreement is made to end the conflict or that progress has been made toward agreement. It may require more than one mediation session to resolve a conflict.

We all process information differently. Taking a break between mediations allows everyone to process new information thoughtfully, at their own pace.

John particularly enjoys working with groups, individuals and businesses helping them identify and liberate elephants in the room,  setting the stage for productive and candid discussions.

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