Sexual molestation is a devastating crime, especially when the target is a child. Our attorneys have worked with over 50 victims of childhood sexual abuse – adults and children who were molested by family, friends, strangers, priests, psychologists, and others – in an attempt to bring their molesters to justice.

Sexual molestation is a deplorable act that can leave lifelong scars. We help our clients achieve the best results possible, not only financially, but also in finding some resolution for what they’ve suffered.

If you are an abuse survivor, call us. Your call is completely confidential and there is no obligation.  We recognize that this may be the first time you have spoken about the abuse. We will listen and answer all of your questions. Some abuse victims carry the secret of the abuse for many years and it is can be very hard to pick up the phone to call and ask for help. The statute of limitations in a sexual abuse cases are difficult to understand and apply to an individual case. Contact us to ensure that your right to bring a claim is protected.


Sexual Harassment verdicts and settlements include:

  • Sexual Harassment settlement involving exploitation of a woman by a superior in the course of her employment.