Contrary to a commonly held view among attorneys, trial consulting has many uses beyond selecting the most favorable jurors, or more accurately, to remove the most unfavorable, at the time of jury selection. Rather, the consultant’s expertise can be utilized long before trial.

A crucial and indispensable element of persuasion is understanding your audience; more specifically, how the audience will respond to the message you deliver at trial. A trial consultant can help with developing such an understanding well before you get to court.

Through the use of focus groups and other tools, a consultant can help identify the personal experiences, beliefs and biases that impact on how jurors view your case. A consultant can help you develop the most compelling story structure including the sequence of proof that will most effectively communicate that story.  Additionally, a consultant can help find your opponent’s strongest points and formulate strategies for neutralizing them.

If you are interested in discussing how a trial consultant might be helpful to your case, please contact John Evers.