Damage Caps and Vermont Personal Injury Law

This article in the New York Times explains how laws that limit personal injury damages have protected manufacturers of defective products. The parents of an 18 year old who was killed in a car crash when the G.M. car’s airbags did not open were shocked to learn that Wisconsin law limited their recovery for their daughter’s wrongful death to $350,000. Two teenagers were killed in the crash and neither family could find a lawyer who would take the case against G.M. because the costs alone would have exceeded the total recovery allowed by Wisconsin law.

The article explains how “damages caps” and other laws that limit tort recoveries have had (more…)

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10 Tips to improve your negotiation skills

At Shoup Evers  & Green, we are prepared to try our cases before a judge or jury; but the vast majority of our cases end with a negotiated settlement. We are committed to negotiating the best settlement for our clients. John Schraven has extensive experience negotiating for over 25 years. John also applies his skills in his day to day life. While we all want our negotiations, whether for a legal claim or a car purchase, to be successful, few of us have the skills and experience to achieve that. We hope you will find John’s pointers helpful in your next negotiation.

1. Prepare.

Do not go in unprepared with the expectation (more…)

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