I’ve been injured. Why should I call a lawyer?

When you are injured, a lot of questions come up. When someone else is responsible, the questions – and answers – get even more complicated. If you’re out of work, time is money and you need unbiased information about personal injury quickly. We’ll listen to your concerns and provide the direction you need to move forward.

What if I decide I don’t need a lawyer?

Many people find they don’t need a lawyer, but making that decision begins with a phone call. We will give you honest advice about whether hiring a lawyer is right for you. Whatever your choice, you’ll be better informed to handle your situation by speaking with us.

Is there a cost or an obligation?

No. Calling us is free and will cost you but a few minutes of your time. You are under no obligation to us, and the call is confidential. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service, answer your questions and address your concerns.

Who is the best lawyer for my case?

The best lawyer for your case is the one who will listen to you, make an effort to understand your unique situation, and has the experience to ensure a fair outcome for you.

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