Many questions come up when you’ve experienced a personal injury, and some are harder to answer than others. Answering your legal questions is where we come in – let us explain how personal injury law works and help you start healing.

Personal Injury Overview

The laws of the State of Vermont protect you and your property from harm caused by other people. These laws help us define what personal injury is, identify when it has happened and determine what type of compensation can be obtained. Understanding the ins and outs of these laws is what we do best. (Read more…)

Why Personal Injury Cases Go To Trial

We often see personal injury cases in television and movie courtrooms, but not all personal injury claims end in a trial before a judge. Sometimes a fair settlement can be reached out-of-court. Each case is different, and an experienced personal injury attorney can make sure your case follows the most beneficial path throughout the process. (Read more…)

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury Law (FAQs)