If you’ve been injured on the job in Vermont or while working for a Vermont employer, you are most likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits pay your medical bills, compensate you for time away from work or permanent injury, and help you find work if you can’t go back to your old job. Workers’ Compensation also pays benefits to family members of people who die in workplace accidents.

Our hope is that you’re able to return to work quickly and won’t have any long-term problems; this type of claim is routine and you probably wouldn’t need a lawyer. The Vermont Department of Labor oversees all workers’ compensation claims and tries to be sure that insurance companies treat injured workers fairly.

The situation changes greatly if your injury is permanent or you’re unable to return to your job. The legal issues can be complex. Disputes often arise when your employer or insurance company denies you were hurt at work, blames another job, minimizes your injury, discourages you from filing a claim, or says you have a pre-existing condition.

Vermonters have a well-deserved reputation for being productive and hard-working employees. Most of our clients want only to regain their health and their ability to earn a living. When a workplace injury prevents that, we work to get workers’ compensation benefits to restore our clients’ ability to support themselves and their families. Contact us online for a free case evaluation & search our database of Vermont Workers’ Compensation Hearing Decisions below for more information.

Vermont Workers’ Compensation Hearing Decision Database

Use of this database is free. Unlike a search engine, this database exclusively searches Vermont Workers’ Compensation Hearing Decisions.  We will update the database as new hearing results are published. Shoup Evers & Green offers this service free of charge to encourage public education and better inform injured workers in Vermont.

Listed below are a few suggestions for search terms commonly found in Vermont Workers’ Compensation Hearing Decisions.
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Examples: Wage Calculation, Average Weekly Wage, Psychological Injury, Reasonable Medical Treatment, Aggravation, Work Related, Lump Sum Payment, Motion To Dismiss, Waiver, Summary Judgment, Fraud, Medically Necessary,  Functional Restoration, Misrepresentation, Child Support, Concurrent EmploymentTemporary Total Disability