Vermont Hunting Safety

Hunting is a cherished and time-honored tradition in Vermont. Generations of hunters have taken to the woods and fields in search of large game and small. In order to obtain a hunting license, Vermonters must take and pass a rigorous hunter safety course.

Most Vermont hunters are extremely safe, and take their responsibilities seriously. Despite this, and unfortunately, every year several hunters are injured, or even killed, in hunting accidents. Most of these accidents occur when a hunter fails to make certain that they know what they are shooting at, or fails to make sure what lies beyond their target.

If someone is injured or killed by a hunter, not only can the hunter be criminally prosecuted by the State of Vermont; the injured victim or their family can bring a civil claim against the hunter who shot them, seeking money damages. These claims are often covered by the at-fault hunter’s homeowner’s insurance policy.

The bottom line is that it pays to be safe when enjoying one of Vermont’s favorite past-times.