Workers’ Compensation Claim for Beryllium Disease Caused by Exposure at Rutland GE Plant

We are awaiting a decision from the Vermont Department of Labor in a workers’ compensation claim in which our client developed chronic beryllium disease (CBD) as a result of her exposure to beryllium while working as a machinist at General Electric in Rutland, Vermont. GE claims our client has sarcoidosis, not CBD. At the hearing, OKG attorney Michael Green presented testimony from Carrie Redlich, MD, a professor at the Yale School of Medicine and an internationally recognized expert on CBD. Dr. Redlich explained that CBD is often misdiagnosed as sarcoidosis. Dr. Redlich determined our client had CBD because of her history of exposure to beryllium at GE, as well as the results of a lung biopsy and beryllium lymphocyte proliferation test (BeLPT).